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La Bonne Aventure ラ・ボナヴァンチュール 〜 With me, With you, With us.〜
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Arita ceramic




Unglazed raw ore plate

(Background until its completed form)


The history of Arita porcelain goes back 400 years from now, starting from the discovery of the first pottery rock to be the raw material of porcelain in Japan in the beginning of the Edo era.


That stone quarry is 1km north from the workshop of the Fukujugama and the ground is covered with white stones and white rock surface is exposed at the mountain surface.


There are many caves (tunnels) around that area and if you go inside, countless traces of chisel remain on the rock surface since 400 years ago.


When I sometimes visit and stand at this place, I feel the “spirit” of the predecessors, which makes me feel as if it is getting rid of my hesitations and clears up my heart.


For the craftsman in Arita, as they daily see the process where the raw ore turns into the form of a porcelain, they see from a different point of view as from looking a completed work.


The crushed raw ore turns into mud, which is molded into the shape of a vessel, and in the end turns into a hard porcelain by firing at a high temperature of 1300. Also, part of it turns into a glaze of glass material. What a mystery…


This “unglazed raw ore plate” was made from the will that people can feel a little of the blessings of the nature and the life of the craftsman within the history that lies in the background of the completed form of Arita porcelain.


  • モデル: arita
  • 重量: 1.167kg
  • 1 在庫量
  • ジャンル: 日本産