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La Bonne Aventure ラ・ボナヴァンチュール 〜 With me, With you, With us.〜
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Suzugami すずがみ かざはな コロつき


富山県高岡市で最も注目されているすずがみは、アジア、ヨーロッパでも大人気です。自由自在に形を変えられるこのお皿は、シェフたちも大絶賛。プレゼント用には、桐の箱もご用意いたします。 3種類の模様がありますが、この風花が、表参道で売った中で、一番人気だったことから、オンラインショップにお目見えいたしました。 プレゼントに、自分用に、是非!




Unlike normal tin plates, “suzugami” has been repeatedly rolled a number of times and skilled craftsmen has rhythmically “hit with a hammer” which decreases the degradation by bending and stretching. It is an item that can be folded or bent like an origami. The “the fun of forming it yourself ” born by the technique of “”hitting with a hammer” is the enjoyment of “suzugami”.

Product description

l This product is 100% tin rolling forging processed product

l Tin is known as an antibacterial from the past so it can be used as dishes

l 100% tin is very soft and flexible, making it easy to change the shape as you like it

l After bent, it can be returned to the original shape by rolling it on a flat table with some kind of a evenly rounded bar. (a bar dedicated for it can be purchased separately)

l The color changes as you use it, but that is also the characteristic of tin so please enjoy the changes as well



l After use, please wash it using a soft cloth (sponge) and a dishwashing liquid (neutral)

l It may become black or yellow due to aging, but it has no effect on human body

l If you want the surface back in the original bright look, polish it with an ordinary metal polisher, toothpaste, or a baking soda


Precautions for use

l Do not put on fire as the melting point is low

l It cannot be used in a microwave

l Do not put it in the refrigerator

l This product can be cut by an ordinary scissor, but the cut side becomes sharp and it could cause damages such as skin cut, so we recommend to round it using sandpaper after cut

l It can be bent and stretched as it is a flexible material, however excess starching or bending can cause cracks on the surface or snap it apart





  • モデル: suzugami Kazahana
  • 重量: 0.218kg
  • 3 在庫量
  • ジャンル: 日本産